Content Weapons, #contentweapons

The Most Intense Brand and Marketing text you will ever read.

"This book is a nod to the Farmers, those tasked with planting the seeds and tending the fields in expectation of a plentiful harvest. The only difference in those farmers to which I am referring is that they are tasked with planting seeds of thought in the minds of humanity. Some of these lands are not so fertile, some are but are full of lush vegetation from other farmers but most to be honest are a hodgepodge of good crops mixed with weeds. These seed planters are battling with different constraints than that of the typical tractor driver that may have come to mind. The constraints are wide ranging and the cycle times are much much faster in some cases and slower in others. They do not own the fields to which they are tasked with tending. There are no normal hours and they cannot let the land rest."

That was an excerpt form a new book by Michael Stattelman. In Content Weapons the shift in perspective the author takes is one of a gradual progression from content management from a marketing stance into one which becomes very aggressive but refreshing. The evolution of the communication technologies that are widely available to all with an internet connection makes the exposure to these weapons alarming. To quote Michael "All is not lost", it does not have to be a bad thing. Communication technology is doing to capitalism what Adam Smith claimed it would. It is a not so invisible hand moving the market. That is the reason we have success stories and epic fails getting bundled together. Think of the Kardashians and LinkedIn, Think of Twitter's impact on the Arab spring and Rosanne's chemically induced twitter posting that cost her a rebooted show.

Content Weapons (Official website)!

This is one of those books that if you are an entrepreneur, organizational leader, Marketer or Brand strategist you had better read and keep on your person. It should become a part of your life as it relates to being highly effective at your job. Make no mistake, this is not a book for pretenders. If you are serious about getting your message or Brand to stand out above the crazy amount of noise, the details Michael delivers will get you there and crush your competition simultaneously.

Personally, I have adjusted client recommendations along the lines of the steps in this book. They are not only technologically sound but the psychology and science behind the means and rationale are unquestionable. Thank you, thank you, thank you for putting this work together for public consumption Michael. You are truly a thought leader!

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  1. William Downs
    June 23, 2019

    Molly Nijmeijer, Thank you for the recommendation.I get tired of psuedo experts selling those that have years of experience repackaged material, Michael has pushed us back out to the edge of the future with this book.

    • Kakashi Hatake
      June 23, 2019

      William, Are you crazy, This book takes us into the future of brand and content delivery systems and a mastery of their usage.

      • William Downs
        June 24, 2019

        lol, True Kakashi!

  2. Shikamaru Nara
    June 25, 2019

    Cant wait to get my copy, Thank you Molly Nijmeijer