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Wow! It’s amazing you're taking your time watching all the episodes of whiteboard Friday by SEO king himself, Rand Fishkin. Maybe you’ve probably spent a lot of money and time producing, strategizing, and editing your video, yet it still not getting ranked. You are wondering what is going on? Take a rest and follow this article. Foremost, you should know that video SEO is not the same as the standard SEO. You also need to understand that Video SEO has considerably changed over the past few years.

How has video SEO changed? Video marketing has become more popular with businesses in the last few years. It became easier to produce videos and see them online during the late 2000s when marketers started getting their hands on DSLR cameras. All credit to YouTube with a degree in videography. We hardly browse the internet these days without seeing a video as a result of changes in technology and higher video optimization by marketers. Most people walk around with phones that can shoot high-quality videos anywhere and anytime.

What is Video SEO? Video SEO is the process of optimizing or improving the visibility of your video in the video search engines result pages or search engines generally for related keyword searches. This will allow to show up possibly on the first page of results. Video SEO for business helps your videos to rank high on Google, YouTube, and other similar search engines. If visitors cannot see your content, then it will lead to very low conversions and getting low conversion will undoubtedly affect the growth of your business. There are lots of optimization strategies that can give your videos a higher ranking, which is what this article will outline.

Add value This may sound familiar, but your content should be relevant and essential to your targeted audience and page viewers. To convince them and make users dedicate extra time to watch your videos, you need to add value to it by having high-quality content on your page. This will significantly help to boost and increase your conversion. Host video to your domain Whenever you are creating a video that will improve the visibility and ranking of your site, it’s important you also host the video on your domain; this will ensure that search engines won’t direct the traffic to other sites. And it will be better to create a new page for each new video; Google suggests that this makes the indexing easier.

Create interactive content To grab users’ attention, it is recommended that you add interactive elements to your videos. Whether it’s an annotation, the actual content, or the caption, there are lots of ways you can make a video very engaging and interactive to the users. You can as well split a video into shorter clips, allowing viewers to pick a preferred part they want to watch; this method has been used in many successful strategies.

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Optimize with keywords Keyword research occurs in video SEO to help you discover the most important content for your audience. Is there any actual keyword, what’s the best way to describe your video? Or phrase that could lead to better results? You should be able to try different keywords and also to often remember to create graphic content; this will aid both the audience and the search engines.

Make “shareable” content It’s not all about creating an interactive video; it's also about producing content that your audience will enjoy and appreciate. Shareable contents add value for its target audience and make the sharing easier and reach bigger.

Share on social media Be positive to promote your content to all the relevant channels; this is the best way to spread words about it and reach the targeted audience and drive more traffic to your website.

There are several ways to apply search optimization for your video content, but it all comes down to quality once again, as the starting point for your strategy. Creating quality contents adds value to your website and bring more viewers to your page.

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